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1. 【Communication Development ExpressEval

proprietary dynamic questionnaire developed by PenguinSmart, and receive an overview of their child’s development status in minutes on the 5 major dimensions of language communication.

2. 【Communication Development ExpertEval 

Parents fill a dynamic questionnaire and upload a 10-minute parent-child interaction video. PenguinSmart’s licensed speech language pathologists will comprehensively analyze the child’s communication development status, strengths, and weaknesses to create an in-depth report with practical daily training advice.

Introduction:【Communication Development ExpertEval】 & 【Communication Development ExpressEval
These two online evaluations are designed based on 5 areas of children’s language communication development identified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. A scientific assessment tool tailored for families by Taiwan and the United States senior licensed speech language pathologists. The purpose is to help parents effectively assess children’s communication development during 6 months to 6 years old, and build a solid foundation for children’s future language development.

Communication Development Evaluation Core features】
  • ① Practical: Emphasize parent-child interaction reviews and follow-up recommendations to make the evaluation return to practical.
  • ② Convenient: It can be completed by connecting to the Internet at home, without being limited by time and space.
  • ③ Traceable comparison: Retests can be performed every six months. Parents can track the child’s progress for a long time.
  • ④ Professional and scientific: Overseas expert teams are designed to meet the needs of Chinese families.

Communication Development ExpertEval
  • ① Communication development evaluation questionnaire for 6 months-6 years old children’s : Provide situational questions for parents to answer, fully reflect the development of children’s communication skills.
  • ② Parent-child interaction video: PenguinSmart original video evaluation tool guides parents to record and upload parent-child interactive videos, allowing experts to fully observe the most natural state of the child.
  • ③ Overseas expert reviews: licensed Speech Language Pathologists analyze the questionnaires and videos to give the most considerate professional advice.
  • ④ Practical evaluation report: Instead of data-based reporting, it will show practical and humanized descriptions of children’s language development, actual communication skills, individual strengths and weaknesses, and child’s temperament traits, and provide parent-child interaction analysis, expert comprehensive reviews, And specific daily operation games recommended.

Communication Development ExpressEval
  • ① Communication development evaluation questionnaire for 6 months-6 years old children’s : 5-10 minutes situational questions and answers, observational developmental assessments that can be operated by non-professionals.
  • Scientific and express evaluation report: After submitting the questionnaire, get the initial report immediately, which can effectively identify the children’s early development and timely intervention.
  • Upgrade with Expert Insights: After reading the preliminary report, you can choose whether to continue recording and uploading parent-child interaction videos to obtain practical evaluation reports in-depth reviews by overseas experts.

【PenguinSmart Expert Team】
Leading PenguinSmart online speech therapy team Greta Tan, CCC-SLP
She has 30+ years experiences in early childhood intervention and the speech language rehabilitation treatment for school-aged children. She currently serves the Silicon Valley and is committed to improving the children communication development in Chinese families as Certified Speech language pathologist for ASHA.

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